Friday, May 27, 2016

Let's not talk

I don't want to sound complicated
I don't want to string words
that compound
each others' meanings
in a sentence so long
we forget
what was wished to be said.

but I want to talk
reach out and tell you
of the thrills fears feelings
that exist in me and
in the world I experience,
but no words, please.

I want to learn
and share what I learn
so I facilitate that explosion in you
relive that explosion within me
when knowledge
baffles, amazes
belittles and supports.

But let's do this without words

can we sit side by side,
watch feel talk
without words?

**Inspired out of a discussion on how differently we process and share information with people, sweeping statements v/s specific facts, working knowledge v/s theory, etc. :)

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